Oh my lord and master true,
—–I will come and be with you.
I solemnly promise to be,
—–As solidly standing as a tree.


All that you have given to me,
—–I will take so to be with thee.
I will come and be your wife,
—–And stand with you all my life.


Your mind I know is crystal clear,
—–So shall we will be forever my dear.
Truly you must have precision,
—–For you never waver in indecision.


Delight you know is in the mind,
—–As long as we have the time.
Side by side we shall stand,
—–Out and about in all our lands.


I would never decline your heart,
—–For I know you’re eternally smart.
I accept your gracious hand,
—–Now let’s go to that promised land.


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