Sun so bright it will take your sight,
—–Yet brings you heat and light.
Its yellow beams will split the night,
—–To open up the sky.
When so done, as you might see,
—–It turns the sky to red.
Then at noon when it’s at its peak,
—–Bright white is all that’s said.


Later, in evening, the sun starts to set,
—–And with its passing the sky starts to close.
Once again, hopefully, it is a possibility,
—–That it will be ever so slow.
So that I might see it go dim and dark,
—–And see that evening glow.


Tonight I say, to all I can,
—–That’s God’s creation;
—–it came straight from his hand.



I wrote this poem (along with two others) sitting on my grandparent’s front porch in North Carolina on a crisp fall afternoon during my senior year of high school. The views I talk about are what I saw and felt sitting there that day and those images are burned into my mind. If you went there today, you’d probably be able to see what I saw then.


This poem was first published in Best Poems of the 90’s by The National Library of Poetry


Copyright ©1996 as a compilation
—–ISBN 1-57553-472-X
—–Released on 06/15/97
—–Page 257


I received the following award:
Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
Presented By: The National Library of Poetry


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  1. Dag nabbit good stuff you whpiserpnappers!

  2. I love the illustrations too, but until I started reading, I had no idea this was supposed to be dark. The girl in the illustration looks calm, like’s she looking at a photo album of pictures taken with her boyfriend and pondering her relationship or school problems of a teen. The photograph — I agree with other comments — is too posed. It reminds me of a CD cover for a musician. It’s a wonderful image, but it doesn’t connect with what the words suggest. Other angles the photographer might have? Maybe more close up with her hair over her face or something showing those words in her expression?

  3. de una película de terror tipo ‘The crazies’, nos encontramos más cerca de Noche y Día que de cualquier clase de miedo, ni siquiera el que nos pueda provocar la vergüenza

  4. The guy is a flipping genius. Fantastic! I mean I could’ve told you that if Frankenstein applied the electrodes to my brain during an intense electrical storm. As a physicist I wish he’d esplain quantum mechanics like that. The ideas must pile up in his head faster than he can spit them out. It’s time to lift up your arms and do the we’re not worthy chant while bowing repeatedly. I’ll attend his lecture any day.

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