At night when I go out to see,
—–the stars are in my eyes.
Although it may be cloudy outside,
—–the stars never lie.
When I go to sleep at night,
—–the stars are in my eyes.
I will think of stars and space,
—–when I go out to die.
All the days throughout my life,
—–the stars will be my eyes.


In the stars I see myself,
—–living with the past.
I feel the awesome power,
—–in which I have great love.
To get throughout my life,
—–I rely upon the universe.
When you look at me,
—–the stars are in my eyes.


My life is based on stars and space,
—–where I wish to live.
But to my man I have to give,
—–a bit more just to live.
To live or work inside my life
—–you must understand.
That I give unto my man,
—–the stars upon the lands.


When old I get, up in years,
—–I hope that I can say the stars are in my eyes.
Maybe by then I can pass on my hope,
—–to someone who can say the same.
To stay with my dream and live in the stars,
—–to keep my story clean.
Then I can die and go away,
—–to fully achieve my goal.
To live with the stars and fulfill my dream,
—–to keep the bright stars in my eyes.


Tomorrow, I say, I give my life, to finally see the sky.
I give to you, all my life, my home, my stars, my eyes,
—–to keep throughout eternity.
Observe and question!
For when you look up at the dark spotted sky,
—–you see the stars that are my eyes.



I wrote this poem in my junior year of high school. It was the first poem I ever wrote. It is still to this day one of my favorites and I feel it will not truly be finished until I’m dead. This poem expresses the most inner part of me and who I feel I am.


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