The past was once a beginning,
And this beginning will one day be the past.
Today is a new beginning,
But tomorrow will make today the past.


All beginnings are not good,
But when it’s past it’s all forgotten.
Life is full of beginnings,
And never stops the past.


Open your mind, to the beginning of time,
So to understand how it works.
Precede your thoughts with the rhyme of life,
Keep the spice so not to be bored.


Go to the ends of the earth, live all you can,
Open your heart to God and man.
Space is not nothing, but a place to go,
Our new beginning is in the stars.



I wrote this poem shortly after getting out of the psychiatric hospital for my depression in the spring of 1993.
This was first published in Eternal Portraits Series by The National Library of Poetry


Copyright ©2003 as a compilation


I received the following award:
Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
Presented By: & The International Library of Poetry
December 2003


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