Lover of my Soul

One day not oh so long ago,
—–God placed His hand upon the Earth.
And with this insignificant act was sewn,
—–The seeds of love’s great birth.


Sprouting forth from struggle and strife,
—–One Friday you were born.
Three years less three days of life,
—–The mate for you was that day shorn.


Years later we met with no great fanfare,
—–A spark ignited within our souls.
To me it felt an unequal share,
—–But you could see me in that role.


The next few years we grew so close,
—–The budding love of our youth.
And when off to college I did go,
—–Our hope was not to forget the truth.


But life not being as fair as it seems,
—–Placed upon me a weight to hold.
An upon the loss of all truth so deemed,
—–The world around upon me folds.


Through hardship and struggle, I fell astray,
—–And so then, I chose to walk away.
Causing you to wail and cry your tears,
—–Leaving us to wander alone ten years.


So when I start searching with love unbound,
—–You were not ready or willing to be found.
Then one miraculous day we connect once more,
—–With hearts filled with love and joy galore.


With that one small act, I lost all control;
—–I found what I’d been missing,
—–The lover of my soul.



I wrote this poem for my best friend about our lives.  I printed it out and had it framed for her as a Christmas present.


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