Birth is the miracle of life,
—–And death is the end of strife.
Life is that which is in between,
—–The birth and death of any being.


Once we’re born we learn and grow,
—–And become someone that no one knows.
Through all my life I’ve hidden here,
—–Trying hard not to show my fear.


Torn apart by emotions hidden,
—–For it’s been that, that’s forbidden.


Life is sad, and not fulfilling,
—–But friends are nice and just as thrilling.
Given a chance by all around,
—–Sensitivity and love cannot be bound.


When, at the end of life, it comes,
—–All will be forgiven and I shall be done.
Homeward I’ll go to be with my Lord,
—–To live for eternity on Heaven’s bright shore.



I wrote this poem when I was suicidal, prior to my being hospitalized in February of 1993.
This was first published in Where Dawn Lingers by The National Library of Poetry.


Copyright ©1996 as a compilation
—–ISBN 1-57553-065-1
—–Released on 07/01/96
—–Page 239


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