Leadership is a skill that can not be bought,
Respect is given and not always taught.
A friend who leads a friend is but a leader true,
But to his friend, he must forgive,
that he’s a leader too.
Don’t be discouraged by fact or fancy,
Laughter or anger or melodramatic acting.
Just keep in mind that they are your friends,
And as long as you’re in charge they know they’ll always end up with the best of all ends.


Leadership requires time and patience,
Love is that which bends the rules.
Friends are there to lend support,
Servants are to help you through.
Love is what we need to grow,
Hate is what we never should show.
But god should be our lifelong focus,
To share the word and see others grow.



I wrote this as two separate poems and then combined them later. They were written for a very good friend while on a trip to Daytona Beach, Florida.


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