Every night I dream sweet dreams
Seeing the life that I will lead
Changing each day by the fancies I follow
Never stopping to long to wallow
Today I will be a firefighter, being so brave
Or perhaps a military officer, serving others
Maybe a doctor, healing the sick
Or an astronaut, flying into space
But no matter what I decide to be
I will always be true to myself
For I am worth more than silver and gold
I am beautiful just as I am
I am a star!


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  1. Kudos! What a neat way of thknniig about it.

  2. It’s imperative that more people make this exact point.

  3. Ich hätte da mal eine Frage an alle? Wir haben uns sehr viel Mühe mit den Show Notes gemacht. Nicht nur mit dem Inhalt, sondern auch mit der Darstellung und der Verlinkung.Bringt das was, oder ist das reine Zeitverschwendung?

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  5. Great story…dropping this comment just to let the writer know I commend him. More people are reading and becoming entranced by this plot. Hope Abu wins at the end.

  6. Ce genre d’info a peu de chance de passer sur TF1 ou sur France 2,c’est sûr. En revanche elle a été diffusée sur Europe 1 et sur Radio J ce matin. On la trouve aussi sur un ou deux gratuits: Direct Matin, je crois, et Métro ou 20 minutes. Pas de quoi ameuter les foules!

  7. ricmoriah disse:Infelizmente 850 perderam os empregos, mas felizmente milhões de passageiros ficarão felizes. Afinal, a Web(lixo)van fechou as portas. Se é para pagar caro para voar… como na Ponte Orca da SP-Trans/EMTU, então é melhor ir de TAM e Azul, pq não ter troco a bordo para pagar o kit-lanche vendido pelo Golaço (Bredamente falando) é o fim. PS: Minhas pernas agradecem!!!

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