Twice a year we shift the time
thinking it will save us more
but is it truly just a dime
or to make us tired and poor


Each Spring we lose an hour
so we can have a bit more light
they say it saves us lots of power
my body says it just ain’t right


Then in Fall we gain it back
they say we get an extra hour
but when at night I hit the sack
I don’t feel like it’s worth the power


A penny saved, a penny earned
is what the great man said
an hour lost, an hour unearned
makes me feel like the living dead


So I ask is it the case
that a shift is our saving grace
is it worth our broken pace
to save an hour of light’s embrace


Since time is not but a shade
and my rhythms are in sync
it’s not worth the sleep I trade
just to save a dime I think


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