Life and space through ages past,
—–I’ve come to love and adore.
To live with God and be the best,
—–Of men who try to serve our Lord.


Give to Him all your life and let Him use your soul,
—–That men the world wide can hear of His story.
Open your hearts and come to His fold,
—–Leaving the men who are so gory.


Come and accept His hand outstretched,
—–Give Him your heart and soul.
Walk with Him side by side each day,
—–He will never lead you astray.



I wrote this poem (along with two others) sitting on my grandparent’s front porch in North Carolina on a crisp fall afternoon during my senior year of high school.  The views I talk about are what I saw and felt sitting there that day and those images are burned into my mind.  If you went there today, you’d probably be able to see what I saw then.


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