Friends are hard to get and harder to trust.
Trust must be earned not given out.
Once trust in a friend that has earned their place is lost it can almost never be re-found.
Why is it that friends seem to be there at your worst moment, but seldom at your best?
Why are friends not completely honest?
Do they not trust each other?
Maybe it’s because at the time they both need to talk and neither wishes to listen.
To resolve this stalemate one is going to have to push his emotions to the side to help a friend, so the friend in return can help him.
You, who are friends, don’t let this discourage your friendship.
Set yourself aside and think of your friend.
When in this world and you are alone, care for your friends, they are more precious than anything, even fame and money.
To make and keep friends, you must first of all be a friend.


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  1. It’s a plruasee to find someone who can think so clearly

  2. Very cute! I have played the game on Facebook before (though it’s been a while) and I love that you decided to do your own :). Plus I’m loving the new look of your site 😀

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