—–And Green!
Fall is in the air and I can see its gleam.


By all that is around me here,
—–You can feel the stream of time run clear.
I wish that one day all might see,
—–A completely clean and open scene.


Of North Carolina’s and Virginia’s trees,
—–I can only say they are the best for me.
To live to the time of prosperity, is wonderful,
—–Even though we contribute to our own destruction.


Today I say it’s near the end,
—–Even though Fall has just began.
We will stay until that day,
—–That God ends our lives all over the land.



I wrote this poem (along with two others) sitting on my grandparent’s front porch in North Carolina on a crisp fall afternoon during my senior year of high school. The views I talk about are what I saw and felt sitting there that day and those images are burned into my mind. If you went there today, you’d probably be able to see what I saw then.


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