Warmth rising from golden brown sand, where sun shown bright and hot
Now evening comes, covering the Earth with a veil of blackness, time forgot
Venus twinkles and shimmers, brightest object in the sky, as stars begin to shine
Not as bright but much more important is the red planet which is mine


Sitting in the shadow of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the small red twin rises
The Sphinx looks out over the Nile as sand bounces off its hide, where it lies
The face that some say does not exist, stares out into the darkness of space
Waiting for the children to grow up and come home to find the hidden base


I am the watcher sent to observe the plans set in motion by my species eons ago
Not allowed to interfere with the design, I sleep for decades at a time, deep below
I taught the ancients how to build so that the children could honor their creators
But I miss the days sitting on the Cydonian plain before the existence of the great craters


Watching my long dead home, so far away, brings tears to my eyes
But over the past few years, I am certain, the human’s time is almost nigh
When the time comes I’ll complete my memoirs
———————————–while having breakfast on my planet, Mars


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