The sky was bright and clear. It was cool beneath the trees. So we sat in the shade all that warm, warm, fall day.


I sat there with Nick. We sat, just us two. And I said, “How I wish I knew more about you.”


Too scared to hold hands and too public to kiss. So we sat under the tree. And I felt quite remiss.


So all we could do was talk! Talk! Talk! Talk! It was not enough. Not even the crosstalk.


And then something went CRACK! How that crack almost gave us heart attacks!


We looked! Then we saw him step off the sidewalk! We looked! And we saw him! The boy with the bat! And he said to us, “Why are you looking like that?”


“I know it’s all bright and the breeze is a blowing. But you can get closer without even knowing!”


“I know some neat tricks that could help you two,” said the boy. “I know a few things,” said the boy with the bat. “A lot of neat things. I will show them to you. No one will mind at all if I do.”


Then Nick and I did not know what to say there were no more classes scheduled that day.


But the tree shook its branches and said, “Go! Go! Tell that boy you aren’t gay. Tell that boy with the bat not right now, not today. He should not show you. He should not teach tricks. He should not show you. We do not need conflicts!”


“Oh! Oh! You are so wrong. You are so wrong!” said the boy. The things I know are not bad,” said the boy with the bat. “Why what I can show these two guys would give you a thrill. What I show them can stay with you still.”


The boy with the bat gave a kick and yip. And jumped up to grab hold of the lowest tree branch.


“Let me explain,” said the boy as he swung. “This tree here can teach you and it’s already begun.”


The tree shook its branches not liking at all that this boy with a bat was not ready to fall. It said to the boy “Why can’t you be like my leaves and flutter away on this nice gentle breeze. These guys were just sitting here minding their own when you had to but in and not leave them alone.”


“You do not know what you think that you know as these guys came here this day to enjoy my beautiful display.”


“HA! Ha!” said the boy. “I see more than you do. I see that these two are entwined through and through.”


Nick and I starred not sure what to say. As this boy with the bat saw his words eat away. The secrets I had I wasn’t so sure that Nick knew his allure.


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