My dearest one to whom I love,
—–I will give to you a dove.
As long as you will promise me,
—–That you will settle like a tree.


I offer to you all I have,
—–So we don’t have to live in a cave.
Come to me and be my wife,
—–And I’ll stand by you all my life.


I envision the two of us,
—–Solidly locked and full of trust.
Never wavering in indecision,
—–But always walking in precision.


Looking at you is a pure delight,
—–And I’m not worthy of your sight.
Always standing side by side,
—–Together there we will abide.


Even if you decline my heart,
—–I will never consider myself smart.
But if you do accept my hand,
—–We shall go to that promised land.


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